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Unveil Stories through Visuals - A phrase which our founder, Lawrence lives by as a content creator, to document the everyday stories around him with his creative vision. 


We enjoy what we do most in creating stills or video for the people around us, from a mere hobby to a lifetime dedication. Today, we want to bring the same dedication over to you, regardless of where you are in the world!


As a creative media production house, we want to help tailor a creative solutions for you - be it your brand, campaign, social media and many more!

So what are we waiting for? Let's get down to business and create something extraordinary today!

how we create


Your moments are important, and we want to be there to document. From your success stories, to your biggest day, let us help you translate all these photographic scenes into precious moments. 


Storytelling is a form of art, and we use that form of art to create stories for our clients.  Every scene captured is a precious memory created, and we hope to share these memories to be preserved for a lifetime. 


Got a spark for your next big event? Let us plan and prepare together to make this spark into a big bang!


trust and friendships built over the years, immensely grateful for the opportunity

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collaborative partners

together everyone achieves more

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Once Upon A Story was founded with one goal in mind: creating and sharing your stories with well crafted stills in place.


Since it's creation in 2019, Once Upon A Story has documented and touched countless individuals and couples' hearts in Singapore through their visuals.

Today, Once Upon A Story is teamed up with like minded individuals who are proficient in the areas of media productions, to create stories that not only awe the walks of lives, but also leaves them to preserve the moments for the rest of their lives.


Estros Photography takes pride in capturing unscripted moments, natural emotions and moments that will last a life time. 

A hobby turned lifelong commitment, Estros Photography eye for composition, unique play of natural light and sense of anticipation for right moments has always been second to none. Regardless of your event,  Estros Photography promises to never miss your moments.

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